About author

Sofia Gorbachevska

For me, ceramics is a way of interacting with the world, it is sublimation of internal energy. Clay gives freedom to self-expression, allows you to convey, depict the beauty that surrounds and overflows the soul.

My ceramics are my life, searches, delight, feelings and emotions.

The main emphasis in the work is on uneven forms, as a certain analogy with the natural world, which does not have absolutely straight angles, lines, the world is full of texture and varied, the clay has its own character, which dictates this freedom in hand molding.

I want to combine painting and ceramics, turning ceramics into a picture in which clay and glazes are complementary paints.

For me, it’s important that the ware is special, sensual, so that each work is a unique, single, self-sufficient product, the whole picture with which the author appeals to the viewer, because the ceramics is an art, and all that comes out of ceramic hand is creativity, even the smallest thing, the difference is only in the time spent.