Series teapots "Presence"

Series “Presence” consists of 3 decorative teapots, each of which can become an excellent decoration of the interior. Teapots are fashioned by hand from chamotte clay and decorated with engobes and glazes.

This is the moment of realizing your presence right here, now, this minute. Stop in time, catch and stretch the ephemeral time between the past and the future. Feel and realize it, fix it in memory, leave your imprint in space, vibration in the air, which will speak of your presence.

Every work, even the smallest one, is unique in its own way, because it was created by hand techniques of molding from clay according to individual sketches.

Additional Information

Technique: Hand molding
Material: Chamotte clay
Decor: Angobes, Glaze

Author: Sofia Gorbachevska

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