Series "Work on yourself"

The “Work on yourself” series consists of flat, unique-shaped plates that can become a beautiful interior decoration. The set is hand molded from chamotte clay and is decorated with enamels and smoke.

Clay is a plastic material from which you can sculpt, as well as a human. We are a pure canvas at birth and a finished painting at the end. What exactly is this picture? All this depends on ourselves, from our work on ourselves, therefore this work is the image of a person during the process of molding, when the clarity is not yet, but some kind of silhouette is already drawing.

Each work, even the smallest one, is unique in its kind, because it is created by hand-made technique of modeling according to individual sketches.

Additional Information

Technique: Hand molding
Material: Chamotte clay
Decor: Smoke, Enamel

Author: Sofia Gorbachevska

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