Artistic ceramics: categories

  • Round plate "Composition No. 4"
    Top view - Plate from ceramics "Composition No. 4"
  • Vase with tulips
    Front view - Vase with tulips
  • Flat plate
    Side view - Plate handmade
  • Big oval plate
    Front view - Big oval plate (Handmade)
  • Big plate
    Front view - Big decorative plate (Handmade)
    Big plate $ 26
  • Cup with abstract drawing
    Side view - cup with abstract drawing
  • Decorative flower vase
    Side view - Decorative vase for flowers (Handmade)
  • Pot for flowers
  • Vase for flowers with female silhouette
    Rear view - Vase for flowers from ceramics
  • Collection dinnerware "Flowers with milk"
    Collection decorative dinnerware "Flowers with milk" (Artistic ceramics)
  • Big dish
    Side view - Big decorative plate from ceramics (Handmade)
    Big dish $ 29
  • Big dish "Smoke and iron"
    Side view - Decorative ceramic dish (Handmade)