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  • Vase with tulips
    Front view - Vase with tulips
  • Decorative flower vase
    Side view - Decorative vase for flowers (Handmade)
  • Pot for flowers
  • Vase for flowers with female silhouette
    Rear view - Vase for flowers from ceramics
  • Vase "Kiss"
    Front view - Vase "Kiss"
  • Vase for flowers
    Front view - Vase for flowers
  • Big decorative vase
    Decor - Big decorative vase from ceramics
  • Decorative vase
    Side view - big decorative vase
  • Set flower pots
    Front view - Decorative pot for flowers (Handmade)
  • Pot for flowers
    Flowerpot for flowers
  • Flower vase — Set "Ease"
    Decor - Decorative vase for flowers
  • Decorative vase — Series "Imagination" No. 1
    Series decorative vase "Imagination" (Artistic ceramics)