Set "Ease No. 2"

“Ease No. 2” set consists of a flat plate and 3 glasses. All products are hand molded from white clay and decorated with engobe painting, they are thin, light, pleasant to the touch and easy to use.

Set is decorated with a simple and laid-back drawing, flowers, ball game, it is a picture of spring, spring carelessness, a picture of ordinary things in a simple manner of performance, which is a manifestation of emotions, sensations. It’s like giving a smell to the color or forme of the sound, it’s like the soul learns to talk, its desire to break out. Such children’s drawings are the voice, the form, the color of sensations. This emotional component is a special place in my work, because it’s like touching something mysterious, invisible.

I like the combination of painting and ceramics, so this set is, so to speak, a small canvas that can be viewed simply by drinking coffee and immersing yourself in the world created by the author in which he puts a part of himself.

Each work, even the smallest, is unique in its own way, because it was created by hand-making techniques and hand painted. This set is decorated with a drawing, which was created without preliminary sketches.

Additional Information

Technique: Hand molding, Hand painted
Material: White clay
Decor: Angobes, Glaze

Author: Sofia Gorbachevska

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