Set "Lemon Pie"

Set “Lemon Pie” consists of 3 ceramic glasses with saucers in the set. The products are molded by hand from white clay and decorated with glazes.

Each work, even the smallest, is unique in its own way, because it was created by hand-making techniques and hand-painted according to individual sketches.

For me it is important to work with each product individually, improve it, feel the material with which I work, its softness, suppleness and strength, listen to it, follow its call in moments.

Glasses have a thin crock which has its own characteristic sound, beautiful fragility, holding such items in the hands of a desire to protect them, they as if ask for a proper attitude to themselves.

Additional Information

Technique: Hand molding, Hand painted
Material: White clay
Decor: Glaze

Author: Sofia Gorbachevska

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