Series "Naked"

“Naked” series consists of plates and glasses of different sizes and colors. All products of the series are hand molded with white clay and decorated with paintings on damp enamel. All plates and glasses are thin, light, pleasant to the touch and easy to use.

This is a song about the beauty of the female body, its lines, bends, turns.

Every work, even the smallest, is unique in its kind, because it is created by hand-made modeling techniques and painted by hand according to individual sketches.

It is important for me to work with each product individually, to improve it, to feel the material with which I work, its softness, complacency and strength, listen to it, moments to follow its calls, and sometimes direct it.

All products have a thin crock, which has its own, characteristic sound, beautiful fragility, holding such products in hands, there is a desire to protect them, they as if ask for a proper attitude to themselves.

Additional Information

Technique: Hand molding, Hand painted
Material: White clay
Decor: Enamel

Author: Sofia Gorbachevska

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